Rachael Lovelace – Creative Director

I had the best childhood ever. Adventure and freedom. I was busy obsessing about horses, huts and secret trails. Even our family meals were adventurous – my favourite, deep-fried ice cream balls! How did my Mum do that?

After studying Marketing and Advertising I then worked within advertising agencies for twelve years. I was lucky enough to travel to the U.S and U.K to work with some very clever anthropologists who opened my eyes to the weird and wonderful world of semiotics and ethnography. This means on top of intuitively understanding brands, I have an understanding of cultural symbols and meanings, people and their behavior!

Having re-trained as an Interior Designer this skill is now proving invaluable both in residential and commercial interior design applications – I’m loving it.



Topaz Johnson

After 4 years of studying film at Auckland and Victoria Universities a little path opened up for me to wander down into the world of interior design at Lovelace & Co.  I love the challenge of working and walking along the knife edge of design – it’s never boring!  I’m starting to realise there’s not much difference at all between on-point mis-en-scene and a well designed interior.


Pauline McPherson

I think I might have been a cat in a previous life.  I like nothing more than settling down in a sunny spot with a good magazine and a cup of tea.  I certainly like my creature comforts!

In this lifetime, I am a qualified Interior Designer who can create the perfect look throughout Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality spaces.

Over the last 10 years I have delivered interiors that cover all the bases – places to eat, drink, sleep and entertain.

I can land on my feet regardless of the challenge.



Mr Lim

Mr Lim: keeping Lovelace & Co. designs deadly since 2010.  Just don’t ask for him by name.

Mr Lim2 copy