Alpers Dental

24 Manukau Road, Epsom

We were approached by Alpers Dental Practice to help them create a fresh, vibrant space in their new premises.  Alpers clients are predominantly children and teens, but we also needed to create spaces that could translate for patients of all ages.

Our overall design arc was the metaphor ‘altered perceptions’ – firstly aiming to throw away the old conventions of dental practices (read: “soothing” pastels and watercolour artwork) and help Alpers create a space that reflected their brand aesthetics and qualities – innovation, excellence, fun. We employed the ‘altered perceptions’ metaphor to the core design element: a practice called ‘anamorphosis’.  Inspired by the work of Felice Varini, we created shapes and forms out of bright colours and applied them to surfaces within the practice.  As you walk past each shape and your perception changes, the shapes and forms change.  Each of the dental rooms has a dot in a different place and colour.

We were originally inspired by brightly coloured plastic instruments that Alpers use to tighten patient’s braces and ended up choosing our entire colour palette from them.  Thus colour was a driving force behind our design. We carried the use of colour into the other important areas of the practice – reception (a warm welcoming yellow!), the staffroom, boardroom and consult rooms.  The children have their own waiting room (complete with a hobbit door!) that we filled with books instead of the obligatory television. Still to come is a full wall Lego installation.

Alpers Dental – not your average dental practice.

Photographs by Topaz Johnson


Artistic Collaboration
Awilaway Design - Anna Wilcock - graphic design - Karbon - Vaughan Small - vinyl and graphics application -

Alpers Dental won the 2013 Resene Colour Awards in the Commercial Office Category

Unique Feature

Colour blocks create shapes that change and morph as they are viewed from different angles