Consult Recruitment

39 Taharoto Road, Takapuna

Our concept for this job was to create an office space with character and warmth in direct opposition to the traditional bare and somewhat daunting white-walled, low ceiling office spaces.  Being a recruitment agency our clients advised us that they wanted to make people feel welcome and settled at a time when nerves are typically at their highest.  We ground back the concrete flooring in the foyer and created the central feature wall with textured recylcled timber panelling.  Retro tin arrow signage and the vintage bike bring a bit of fun and signal upon entry that this is no ordinary office space.   We implemented a living, growing privacy screen in the shared work area to help give each worker a sense of space whilst still encouraging the feeling of being part of a team – not walled away in your own cubicle at all!  Overall we were able to deliver a space which reflects Consult’s unique positioning in the market.


Unique Feature

We implemented a living plant divider in the middle of the main work station which encourages productivity and gives a sense of privacy within a shared space.