Ginger Minx

117 Valley Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

This bar was to share premises with a conservative mainstream bar and bistro “The Dominion” which dominated the corner site. The huge challenge was to attract a group of people to a bar on the city fringe who normally socialised in “cool” bars in the city. We went with a hunch that the tension of bringing opposites together was very seductive. The target’s generation were increasingly looking for moments to amplify or create emotions and were therefore looking unconsciously to redefine ‘bar’ in New Zealand.  We chose to mash up three ‘cultures’ and have some fun … ‘Asian-Punk-Bohemian’ three trends roaring through the innovators of that generation.

Critical to the bar’s success was this play on tension, driving the Ginger Minx culture but also successfully differentiating us from the tenant next door.

Artistic Collaboration
Hannah Feltham - Concept co-creator Misery (Tanja Jade) - Artist


Unique Feature

Detailed hand-made artistic installations