Mama Loco Albany

The brief was to create a ‘Modern Mexican Experience’. In order to attempt to articulate the future for Mexico in New Zealand we had to understand the past. We undertook a basic semiotic study on what ‘Mexican’ means to New Zealander’s. This meant looking at and interpreting the Mexican cultural symbols expressed in our society. It was clear that our expressions of Mexico were somewhat lagging behind the country itself. The concept was simple – it was simply to reference Mexico symbols in a fresh, amusing and tongue in cheek way.

Artistic Collaboration
Awilaway Design – Anna Wilcock

Nominee Best Bar Design EAT.DRINK.DESIGN Award Finalist 2012 Best Restaurant u2013 Announced Oct 23 2012

“the success of this joint is that the designers have taken the idea of Mexico, its colours and some of its motifs and plied them with some graphic edginess before applying them to different surfaces” INTERIOR MAGAZINE