472 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland

Concept Design, Interiors, Custom Furniture, Lighting Design

The Kingslander had a loft space above it where the owners wanted to create a new bar. The opportunity was to create a bar which complemented their business downstairs –proudly a sports and music pub. We set out to create a bar that met the needs of patrons aged 20-45 who were tired of standard New Zealand bar behaviour, deciding that international, not local was the way to go. We celebrated the rest of the world, not ethnic tokenism, rather a contemporary expression of global. The intention was to play with the layout and to look for subtle references through patterning, art and furniture to international styles.

Artistic Collaboration
Deborah Brown  

“there’s one new entrant to the Kingsland hospitality scene we do quite like” INTERIOR MAGAZINE

Unique Feature

Creating an exterior space more often seen indoors than out