Squid Row

224 Symonds Street, Auckland.

The brief was to move Squid Row away from it’s California-surf branding of the past and steer it in a new, more fitting direction.  Taking the bones of the building and it’s history as a cue we aimed to celebrate it’s classic foundations whilst bringing in a bit of contemporary zing and colour.  The challenges included creating areas and zones that introduced comfort and ease in what can easily be perceived as one large, cavernous space.  Sharp, colourful graphic lines around the walls help to unify these spaces and bring a distinct energy – backed up by an eclectic mix of furniture.  The result:  a classically dynamic space.

Photography by Sarah Grace

Artistic Collaboration
Graphic design by Design Dairy - www.designdairy.co.nz

Unique Feature

Wrapping around the perimeter of the interior are bold, graphic lines created by the team at Design Dairy. Working in conjunction with the dark ceiling they help to break up the high stud space and bring a real energy to the site.