Vault 21

21 The Octagon, Dunedin

Lovelace & Co. head south this time with the opening of Vault 21 on The Octagon in Dunedin.  The client approached us with a desire to create a space set apart from the current Dunedin offerings, one that would encapsulate and accommodate all the different moments they wished to propose from brunch through to late night DJ’s, with a superb kitchen offering to boot.  With historical bones, the building gave us a direction for concept which soon took flight – the idea of the journey taken into the woods, from the lighter fringes of the forest through to the dark, jewelled heart.  Watch out for the optical illusion created by the brass bar, it can blend in to it’s surroundings completely and make the solid timber bar top appear to be floating on it’s own…

Photography by Graham Warman

Unique Feature

The pressed tin panels used to clad one of the main restaurant wall are the original panels that were used in the building and then damaged by a fire in the 1930's, giving them an incredible, smoky patina. They are a reminder of the vast, colourful history of the building - of which we now play a part.